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Rifkind Fellowship

Each summer, the Center for the Study of Society and Medicine selects up to six first-year P&S students for Simon Rifkind Summer Fellowships to study medical issues in their social, historical, and ethical contexts. Fellows are guided in their work by Center faculty members David J. Rothman, PhD, Bernard Schoenberg Professor of Social Medicine; Sheila M. Rothman, PhD, Professor of Public Health; Janlori Goldman, JD, Research Scholar; Susan Chimonas, PhD, Associate Research Scholar; and Colin Talley, PhD, Associate Research Scholar.

Each fellowship carries a stipend and is eight to ten weeks in duration. Past projects have included topics such as the history and ethics of informed consent in medical decision-making, the history of medical errors, field work in relation to organ donation practices, behavioral genetics, human experimentation, the current biological and social implications of "anti-aging" medicine, the historical and ethical perspectives on genetic breast cancer testing, and the history and ethics of physician-patient confidentiality.

Recent Fellows:

  • Relationship Between Funding Source and Trial Outcome in Cardiovascular Device Trials: 200-2006, Nancy Y. Chen
  • Responses of Ashkenazi Jewish Communities to Genetic Testing, Martin Kathrins
  • Informed Consent and Living Kidney Donors , Samuel Ash

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