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Ethics Lunches
Barron Lerner, M.D., Ph.D.


Ethics Lunches are an integral part of the ethical education and professional growth of third year medical students in the College of Physicians and Surgoens. The lunches are held with small groups of students and led by CSSM Associated Faculty member, Barron Lerner. The lunches provide a forum to medical students who adress the often confusing issues that arise durring their first experiences as health care providers. Only first hand experience and guided personal exploration transform these situations into medical knowledge. For this reason the lunches are mandatory.

Twenty lunches are held each year. Lunch topics coved include death and dying, medical errors, informed consent, patient capacity and the professional growth of medical students.

Upcomming Lunches for 2006:
Held from 12-1pm in the Merrit Conference Room
November 17, 2006 December 8, 2006

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