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Advanced Clerkship

Directed by David J. Rothman, Research Social and Ethical Aspects of Medicine Advanced Clerkship, is offered through the Center on a year-round basis, except during the months of July and August. The Center conducts an interdisciplinary program of research and teaching, drawing on history, sociology, clinical decision-making, and comparative literature for the study of medical practice. Its faculty is drawn from the disciplines of history, law, sociology, comparative literature, and medicine. Current projects include research on: informed consent; the ethical dilemmas that emerge in the course of medical school training (e.g., pharmaceutical company gifts, cheating, substance abuse, access to scientific data); the psychiatric case history; death and dying; and the ethics of organ transplantation. The elective provides students an opportunity to join in one of its ongoing projects. Students must arrange clerkships with faculty before selecting this elective; it is also possible to arrange to pursue topics of interest to the student.

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