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Nuremberg and Beyond

Instructors: David J. Rothman and Sheila M. Rothman
Fall, 2004

The goal of this course is to examine the relationship between the medical profession and state authority, with a particular attention to the protection and advancement of human rights. The readings and discussion will focus on the events that defined the central issues in the field and trace their long-term impact. The opening weeks will explore medicine in Nazi Germany, the Nuremberg trial, and the later responses to Nuremberg. From this base, subsequent weeks will explore the critical issues in human rights and medicine, including bodily integrity (torture, organ transplantation, the female body), the debates over the right to health care, the responses to plague (with a focus on AIDS), and human experimentation in the third world.

Students will be responsible for researching and writing a paper that explores in depth one salient issue in human rights and medicine.

Copies of all the readings will be available in the Brebner Reading Room in Fayerweather Hall and in the Butler Library.

Syllabus (PDF)

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