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The Social history of American Medicine

  Course Syllabus, Fall Semester 2006 (PDF, 84K)

Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Instructor: Professor David J. Rothman
Fall Semester, 2006


The seminar is designed to introduce graduate students in history and in public health to the social history of medicine.  The particular focus will be on the idea and practice of medicine as a profession, with frequent reference to sociological concepts and to the American experience in the 19th and 20th century. 

Requirements for the course include reading, intensive class discussions, and one seminar paper (due early December).  Students will also be responsible for making short, opening presentations.

Readings from primary sources and articles are on reserve at the History department (4th floor, Fayerweather), in Butler Library, and in Hammer Library (168th Street).  All places provide easy access to photocopy machines.  Course packs are available for purchase at the Village Copier (112th Street and Broadway). 

Books that have been ordered for the course are: Charles Bosk, Forgive and Remember; Michel Foucault, The Birth of the Clinic; Elliot Friedson, Professionalism: The Third Logic; Kenneth M. Ludmerer, Time to Heal; and David J. Rothman, Strangers at the Bedside.  They are available at the Columbia University bookstore.

  Course Syllabus, Fall Semester 2006 (PDF, 84K)

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